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Clish Network Server Hosting

Admin your own server and play with friends, all hosted for free by the Clish Network.
  • 24/7 hosting
  • Lag free worlds
  • 32 players online at once
  • Fast and friendly contact support
  • FREE!

How can I get a server?
All you have to do is play on our server ClishCraft for around a week or more. Next you message us using the Contact Us page including:
1. Your ClishCraft username
2. What you want your server to be called
3. If your server will be whitelisted or public
4. A description of how you would like you server to be

If you do recieve a server, there is one simple requirement we ask of you: to advertise ClishCraft, our forums, and our YouTube channel. You could do this by using signs or paintings in your server or by announcing it in the chat. By the way, we will not be able to craft, build, or warp in things for your server. We are only here for giving you contact support if you need to use it.

Server List

Utopia - Whitelisted
Port: 15151

BlockCraft - Public
Port: 15153